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Berlin, Germany

Back in Germany again...

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The next morning we managed to get up early at 05:00 and grab all of our things without waking our room mates, fortunately our hostel was setting up the free breakfast early so we managed to get a good meal before heading for the 6 hour train to Berlin. Which for some random reason went via Frankfurt to get to Berlin, look at a map, very strange!

Upon arriving at Berlin's colossal train station (which is on 4 floors, servicing both trains, the S Bahn and the U Bahn [subway/metro]), we managed to go out the correct entrance and using our pre downloaded Google map arrived at our apartment quiet easily. The apartment was a good sized, two double bedroom basement flat in a quiet street only 10 minutes from the train station. It was entirely decorated using the Ikea catalogue, something we are getting used to with every place we stay but had everything we needed. http://www.homeaway.co.uk/p2038912


After a little trip to the supermarket to stock up on plenty of tea and milk as Dad can easily drink gallons of it, as can I. We went back to the station to figure out how to get to the airport to pick up Mom and Dad. We decided to get a 5 person group day ticket which is a bargain at €16.70 for zones A, B and C it will take you all the way out to Schönefeld Airport and can be used on all S and U Bahn's (the best way other than walking to get round the city) until 03:00. If you are just seeing the tourist sights and you only need zones A and B and a single day ticket is around €7.00 so if there are 3 - 5 of you it's worth getting the group day ticket.

Mom and Dad's timing was perfect I was in need of a huge hug from both of them and to know they were both well. So when I saw them I think I must have crushed them with the hug I gave them. Luckily, as the train runs every hour, we managed to find them just in time for the train to be returning back to the main station. Dad especially was surprised how large, new and clean the train was, having not been on public transport since he passed his driving test some 40ish years ago. We were soon to squeeze in more public transport in 3 days then he had been on in his life. That night we decided we couldn't be bothered to make dinner so we took the S Bahn to Hackescher Markt where there is a good selection of restaurants and pubs filling the square with tables and chairs, they are a little touristy and the food is ok, but the atmosphere is really good especially in summer. We decided on an Italian for dinner and enjoyed steaks all round, a few drinks and of course cake. Before heading back home, Nick decided it might be nice to show Mom and Dad the Brandenburg Tor at night, so without telling them we jumped on the U Bahn and when we came out the station it was right in from of us all lit up, Dad was in awe.


The next day we were up early for another Sandeman's free walking tour, the tour guide was another great guide giving us a introduction to the history of Berlin and some of the buildings around. The tour guide focus mostly on East Berlin and took us to the Brandenburg Tor, Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial, Hitler's Bunker site, Luftwaffe Head Quarters, Remaining section of the Berlin Wall, Check Point Charlie, ending at the Berliner Dom and Museum Island. In total the tour was over 3 hours in total and I think we were all very tired after it so we stopped for a beer and grabbed lunch from the train station on our way back to get ready to met our friend Isabelle, who lives in Berlin. Isabelle took us to a funky bar on the River Spree near museum island, that had a fake beach and a dance floor where they were teaching ball room dancing. After a few drinks, pizza and some brilliant conversation Isabelle suggested walking back to the main station to take in the city at night. It was a lovely walk and nice to get a good idea of how the city all links up.


After doing so much the day before we had a lazy start and were up late. Nick managed to get up before all of us and went for a 2 hour walk in the Tiergarten (saying how much he wished he had his running gear with him), only getting lost slightly, before meeting us at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The church was badly damaged in a bombing raid in 1943 and is now a small (free) museum. As usual with things we really want to see it was in scaffolding (so the picture here is not ours but Google's) but you could still go in. On our way to our next stop we passed a food cart selling Bratwurst which Nick and my parents couldn't resist (you must at least have one while in Germany) and so that was lunch. After stopping for a coffee, we went back to the Holocaust Memorial and the free museum underneath it. The museum focuses on the families who went through the genocide of WWII telling the history of the Jewish people with stories of several families before and after the war using their family pictures and letters. It's well worth going to see and really brings a tear to your eyes reading the correspondence. That night we decided to stay in and cook so we headed back via the supermarket and brought supplies for grilled lamb and a huge salad.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church


On our final full day we decided to do a go to the Technikmuseum as it had a little of something for everyone. The place is massive and does seem to have an exhibition on all things technology but the emphasis was mostly on trains, plaines and boats, so Dad loved it! I think Mom discovered a few things of interest with the jewellery making and textiles. However the things Nick and I wanted to see were a little disappointing. The computers stopped with the invention of the CD! and the printing section (which I know is sad, but I wanted to see it as most of our kit is German or German engineering so I thought would be fun), had an old press that we happen to have a version of in our reception at work and a small section on paper making. Still we enjoyed it and while we waited for Mom and Dad to finish the section they were in, Nick and I had a sneaky coffee and cake.


Once finished at the museum we tasked Mom and Dad to get us to our next stop the Tiergarten. So they had to navigate from the museum to the U Bahn station Gleisdreieck and then on to the Tiergarten, Mom did most of it and got us there without error, Dad seemed to be bedazzled with it. Once we arrived at the Tiergarten a huge garden in the centre of Berlin, we had a nice stroll in the sun to one of the beer gardens where we stopped for a spot of lunch, all be it with the wasps. Mom wanted to go to the Berliner Dom Church, which Dad and I were not too bothered by so we split up. Nick went with Mom and Dad with me, aiming to met up at Hackescher Markt for a drink later. Dad and I ended up there straight away and sat having a drink in the sun listening to a really good street act until Mom and Nick joined us. Mom was a little disappointed by the church as she was expecting it to be much more opulent and ornate but both her and Nick said that the views from the top were great! After a few more drinks it was getting late so we decided to eat there at one of the more Germanish places. After dinner we met Isabelle again who had very kindly brought us all a little goodbye gifts. Again we had a lovely evening chatting, but it had to end soon as we had to be up to get the 07:00 train to the airport.

Too early the next morning, we were up ready to take Mom and Dad to the train station to say an emotional goodbye, making us feel the distance yet again. After our goodbye we went back and caught up on a little more sleep before packing and taking our bags to the station to put them in storage, while we got lunch. Our plan was to get lunch and find a place with Wi-Fi so we could write some of this blog but as it happen we ended up at Friedrich Straße passing a place that had a amazing looking burgers, so used the last of our money on huge burgers and coffees. Once dinner was settled in our tummies we went back to the station, picked up our bags and headed to the airport to fly to Scandinavian.

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Munich, Germany

Bavarian Beer Gardens & Bratwurst

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Our train from Vienna was straight forward enough and although our Hostel felt like a hike with our backpacks it was only actually about a 10 minute walk from the station. After being so impressed with the sister hostel in Brussels we opted for another Meininger http://www.meininger-hotels.com/en/hotels/munich/.

10 minutes with the backpacks is normally fine but the weather was getting hotter, so by the time we reached our hostel we were a little bit sweaty and in need of a glass of water. We had arrived a little early for checking in so had to store our bags in the Luggage Storage room, where we decided to also do a quick change and use a wet wipe or two. The hostel gave us a map and told us it was a 5 minute metro journey or a 30 minute walk into the centre. Nick was still feeling a little under the weather so we decided this once we catch the metro, 3 stops later and we arrived at Marianplatz (the main square). By this time it was mid afternoon so we decided to head to a park and eat our sandwiches, we soon found ourselves in the Englisher Garten, a huge public park in the centre of Munich (claiming to be bigger than central park). This park is amazing it has 3 Biergartens, lots of massive open grass spaces perfect for, playing sports, picnicking and sunbathing (there is even a nudest section, full of mostly middle-aged men) and a large river running through the middle that has a strong current so is great for, swimming and surfing. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine before making our way back to the hostel to settle into our room.

The room itself was clean and had a ensuite, unfortunately in was on a first floor where the windows opened up on to the roof below. So for health and safety the windows only opened about 4" at the top meaning our room was like a sauna, Joy!

After a shower, a bit of faffing and dinner we decided to head downstairs for a drink in the bar and were slightly shocked by how quiet it was. It had only just opened so we thought this must be why. There were a few people around in the communal area, but there was no atmosphere, just lots of people sat round on their i-phones. It was only 21.00 and too early to go to bed so we took a short stroll and came across a really nice bar that served the locally brewed Augustiner Bier - apparently the best of the Bavarian Beers, so we enjoyed a restrained 0.30cl, before calling it a night.





Next morning Nick was feeling more himself so we decided to go on another SANDEMANs NEW Europe tour http://www.newmunichtours.com and again enjoyed a brilliant 3 hour walking tour with our guide Jon (an English teacher from Bristol) we took in all the major sights and got a great background in Munich's history, most of which was linked to beer some way or another. Once the tour was over we again found ourselves in the Englisher Garten enjoying our sandwiches and this time we had taken beach towels so relaxed in the sun. Eventually we got too hot so decided to investigate the biergarten...

... a few hours later we were enjoying another Bavarian beer and Bratwurst. At 21:00 we decided to head back as we had been out in the sun all day. Whilst walking back we got in enjoy the beautiful sounds of the buskers mostly classical music and nearly all of them with a piano (god only knows how the got them on to the street). By the time we got back to the hostel, we were not surprised to see another night with the bar empty and no atmosphere. We therefore caught up on a few emails before heading to bed as we had an early start in the morning.



So at 07.00 the next morning we were up early and went to the local supermarket to get our dinner for the night as it would be closed when we returned (See Lesson Number 9) before setting off to the station. Today was the day that Nick had been looking forward to since we started planning the Europe leg of our journey; a trip to Schloss Neuschwanstein! For those of you who don't know this is the famous fairytale castle built by "Mad King" Ludwig II and was the setting for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was also apparently Walt Disney's inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle. Two hours on a train, then 10 minutes crammed onto a packed bus (mostly of Japanese tourists!), we finally arrived at Hohenschwangau near Füssen and joined the humungous queue!! About 10 minutes later and having barely moved, a steward was walking down the queue informing people that the tours to visit the inside of the castle were completely sold out until 17.00 which was too late for us to get our train back. Nick was really disappointed at this news, but all was not lost. We were able to walk up to the castle and into the main courtyard. While there we asked if they could recommend any hikes that would give us some good views of the castle, and an hour or so later up a very steep hill it was all worth it when we reached the top!!





Sandemans offer a number of tours of Munich and when we did the free walking one, a tour to the Dacau Memorial Park on the site of the former concentration camp had been introduced and was something we both really wanted to do, so Tuesday morning we met the group. Our guide for the day was Marcin; an English music history professor who was currently living in Munich and who had a passion for this period of history. He explained he had visited most of the former concentration camps in Europe, even cycling from North Germany to Northern Africa in the process! He explained that the focus of the tour was about telling the story of the prisoners not the guards as he wanted to show what their lives must have been like - something that should always be remembered. We had a 5 hour tour of the Dacua site which was the first concentration camp built by the Nazi's and was used as a model for all of the others like Auschwitz. The tour included portions in the museum where he went into incredible details. The tour ended by following the route prisoners would have walked - through a processing room, into the "showers" (gas chamber) and then into the incinerators. It was an incredibly moving day and an experience neither of us will ever forget.





Remember the dead and warn the living

Remember the dead and warn the living

Our final morning was a lazy one. Our train was not until 12.30 so we had a bit of a lie in before setting off to the station lugging our bags to catch our train to Ljubljana not really knowing what we would find when we got there later than evening!

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Communal Fridges suck!

So all of the hostels we have been in so far (with the exception of the s**t one in Duseeldorf) have had pretty decent kitchens where you label everything your name, room number etc and things have on the whole been good. We bought of a load of food on our first day in Munich, put it all in a bag, labelled it up etc.

On Monday morning we were up early as we were out on a day trip and knew we would be back late so wanted to get to the supermarket before we left to make sure we had something to eat that night. Again everything we bought got labelled up correctly and in the bag - we were both really looking forward to the steak we had bought ourselves (it was chap and on offer!)...

...however, we returned from a really great day to discover our entire bag of food and was gone, bread, milk, cheese, butter, salad and our juicy steaks! We virtually emptied the fridge searching through other peoples things, but could find no race of any of it.

Needless to say I was not impressed!! We both went downstairs to complain to the receptionist, but she just kept saying if the food was labelled their cleaner would not have thrown any of it out and that one of the other guests must have taken it. We found this a little hard to believe that someone would eat and dispose all of the wrappers with no trace so again blamed the cleaners, but had no way to prove it!

I got really upset and ended up having to leave Nick to deal with it and he managed to get us free breakfast by way of some kind of compensation, but all of our food was gone and we were about €20 down!

From now on we will be buying stuff on a day to day basis rather than for the whole time we are there and make sure that everything is really obviously labelled - we're considering buying some fluorescent labels!

Lesson Learnt!!

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Aboard the Night Train to Vienna

It sounds like an Agatha Christie novel!

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So we thought, lets save some money and get a night train from Frankfurt to Vienna - it's a 10 hour train journey so do it over night, sleep and arrive early morning to begin exploring - we would save money too by not having to spend money on a nights accommodation.

We "checked out" of our hostel, but as with everything else they were fantastic and said we could stick around and use the communal facilities for as long as we needed. So after more cheap BBQ at the hostel we grabbed out backpacks and walked the 5 minuets (dodging the prostitutes and drug users who are not surprisingly more active at this time!).

As with everything else on this trip we are trying to save money where we can, so when we found train tickets for only €98 for both us in a standard compartment we jumped at them. To upgrade to a sleeper cabin was close to €100 extra. We found our compartment easily and were disappointed to see there 4 others already inside - also going all the way to Vienna.

The compartment was baking as the AC was broken (only in our compartment though typically!) and it was tight with 6 grown adults (2 of whom were stereotypical German men if you get my meaning!) - it was going to be a long night!

What was more annoying was there were other compartments with only one or two people in, but they had completely taken them over sprawling over all of the seats meaning you had no chance of getting them to move.

An hour and half in and we stopped at a station for an hour for no apparent reason, but we piled off the train to get some fresh air and tried to cool down not caring that we were wandering around on the platform in bare feet!

Back on the train and we both attempted to get some sleep. Nick nodded off but it was only for about 30 mins before he was up and wandering the corridors again before being told off and told to go back to his compartment by the conductor!

Another couple of hours later and we realised that the seats actually moved slightly so you could make them into a couchette. No one else in ours was doing this - presumably because they did not know each other, but we thought sod it! We pulled them down as far as they would go allowing us to almost lie flat, both squished in and now completely blocking the door to the compartment, but we did not care! By this time it was around 04.00 and we both exhausted. We somehow managed to get to sleep and both woke up about 07.30.

We arrived in Vienna at 09.00 and spent a very sleepy day exploring, but more of that next time!

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Frankfurt, Germany

Germany is Good again!

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We arrived in Frankfurt and our post Dusseldorf downer was instantly erased within minutes of arriving. This city had character less concrete block buildings, cleaner, well organised and had a good buzz about it. Our hostel was also really easy to find - minutes walk from the train station.

The Five Elements Hostel http://5elementshostel.de/web/index.php was a world away from out hostel in Dusseldorf (which has left a snotty response to our review by the way - obviously can't handle the truth!). It was immaculately clean, everything looked brand new (although apparently it isn't!), free breakfast, free wifi, things like free walking tours, free crepe night and a ridiculously cheap BBQ night and cheap beer (€4.50 for a pitcher, around 3 pints)! Perfect! Our room was great too. We had gone for a private double as it was only €1 more than being a dorm and it was large and spacious. The floor we were on also had it's own communal kitchen area meaning we did not need to use the main one downstairs, and no one else seemed to know about it so it was like we had our own apartment! The bathrooms were shared but you had 3 between 5 rooms and they were fab, wet rooms with a massive shower head from the celling and enough room for two people.

Now admittedly it was in the middle of the Red Light District (I say district - it is really two streets). The hostel is very upfront about this explaining all over the website and in their confirmation emails etc, so we knew what we getting and it was honestly fine. We were 30 seconds (if that) off the main street where all the bars and restaurants are and there are plenty of "normal" shops on the streets too. We soon realised it was not the establishments or their clientele that were the issue, but the drug users who would literally find a doorstep and start injecting themselves (which I and other guests were fascinated by and occasionally watched from the bar open mouthed). Anyway as I say it really was fine - they left you alone, we both felt perfectly safe and the hostel was fantastic! So much so we ended up extending our two night stay to four!

Anyway, we checked in, and knew that our room would not be ready so put our bags in storage and went off in search of food and to see what Frankfurt had to offer. As usual we went to the TI in the train station, which also had lots of great places to get sandwiches. After checking out all the sandwich shops for the most economical we headed for a nearby park to eat, plan and sun bath a little. As all good maps have there was a self guided walking tour so we started walking the route, taking in the amazing architecture of the old town (Altstadt), strolling along the river Main with it's beautiful grass embankments, walking by the museum row that had a museum for everything and finally ending up in the shopping district (which to be fair was just like notts but super-sized - three H&M's on one street!). It was then off to the supermarket to get items for sandwiches (I think we had now had cheese and ham sandwiches for a whole month!) and a tuna salad which we prepared in our apartment like kitchen, perfect. Then, as has been custom these days, we spent the evening researching where to go next and catching up with emails - only this time we enjoyed a beer or two at the same time. After frantically searching for some where to stay in Munich and getting stressed that we had no where to sleep in two days we called it a night.



The morning after a brilliant nights sleep in an actual bed (not a bunk in site) we started our search again! Just 10 minutes and we would be off to explore one of little villages the TI had told us about. 2 hours later (opps) and we had booked another night in Frankfurt, a night train to Vienna, 3 nights in Vienna a train back to Germany and Munich and yeah 4 nights there. By this time it was too late to go to a village so we decided we would check out the museums. Another trip to the TI to find out what Frankfurt had to offer for a museum go'er (which is a LOT!) we settled down by the river embankment to eat lunch and for me to read about all the museums, while Nick enjoyed the sun. Now as all of you know I like a bargain and to get my money's worth, so when I saw that you could get a two day museum pass for €18 I was intrigued however there were really only 3 I wanted to see and would maybe go in the others. So I dragged Nick to the three I wanted to see to find out how much they were and by the time I got to the last one I had decided it was worth buying the two day card (which has paid for it's self by going to the two main ones). After a coffee we decided to split up to save Nick from the torture of round them all again and having to wait for me.

The first one (Museum für Moderne Kunst) was rubbish! Lots of weird phallic furniture and unrelated objet trouvé, I wondered if I had done the right thing. I then headed across the river to the Museum für angewandte Kunst which was amazing and Nick would have loved. It had old Japanese Prints, an exhibit on Korean design (the best bit), a large section of German design and then across a bridge into an old 19th century house where each room had been decorated in a different decade showing the influences of other countries. It was a bit like the V&A in London.

I therefore I would try the Museum für Kommunikation again this turned out to be fab and totally related to what we are doing, it had an exhibition on Graphic communication between countries, things like how red is bad in the UK but is good luck in China and how a hand symbol may mean the devil or nice to see you. As a Graphic designer this was so fascinating.

I met Nick back at the hostel to discover that he had been walking the whole time I was in the museums and had seen most of Frankfurt! After freshening up we decided to have a night off cooking and researching so joined in the BBQ (€2 for a burger - bargain so we had two and two pitchers) and met a love girl Jessy another Canadian who had just travelled a lot of Europe and was on her way home.

Early the next morning after our all you can eat breakfast, we were back on a train heading for Braubach to see the Marksburg Castle. Two hours later and a 20 minute uphill walk we were at the amazing castle, the only one still fully intact and not modernised in the Rhine Valley. It was then that Nick started to get deja-vu. Could this be the castle he visited on his year 8 German field trip? To visit this castle you had to join a tour, having just missed a tour we had to wait 20 minutes for the next one so decided to sit down on the terrace. Unfortunately it had been invaded by a large group of boys looking about the age of 12 all taking English and surrounded by teaches telling them how to say things in German. Conformation that this must be the place Nick came with school. Once in the castle it all started flooding back but luckily he enjoyed the tour as if it was new. Once the tour was over we wanted to get a better view of the castle to take a photo, earlier we had purchased a walking map from the TI, not being in our boots we decided to do a short walk up to a viewing area. The weather was HOT! 29/30 with little wind and clouds and the accent up was killer even though it was only 40 minutes but worth it though. If we had more time and our boots we could have enjoyed one of the longer routes easily. However decided to head back into the small beautiful town and have drink before getting our train back.





While travelling like this you often don't know what time, day or date it is and it was therefore a surprise that once we got off the train the supermarket was closed. Apparently it was Sunday and all the shops close on Sundays, plus it was well after 7pm, dinner would have to be a take out (the first one since we have been travelling). The hostel recommended a Pizza place where you could get a pizza for €5 so we ordered a ham, mushroom and sweetcorn pizza (however it turned out that we actually had a ham, mushroom and onion pizza, could have been worst) and took it back to eat with our leftover salad.

Monday and again we started the day with a train journey to Rudesheim a small town that had a cable-car up to a large monument with a large wooded area to explore. It's also a huge vineyard and if you like wine it's the place to go and taste them, the home of Riesling and Gorge Brut, totally lost on us. I have never been in a cable car so we decided to take it up and walk through the vineyards back down. As it turned out once we were sat in the cable-car, Nick had deja-vu again could this be the other town he visited in his year 8 trip? It seemed we were reliving his German holiday 18 years ago. Once back down and weaving our way through the vineyards it was back home to Five Elements and a much needed shower. After another dinner of pasta we decided to participate in the free crepe's night at the hostel, it was hard work but someone had to do it.





The next day we had decided to chill out as we were getting a night train at 23:00 to Vienna and decided we needed to relax a bit. Breakfast severed till 12:00 so we had a lay-in and enjoyed a slow breakfast at 11:00 checking out at 12:00 and leaving our things with the hostel. I was in need of a book shop as I had finished both my books and using my Kindle on my phone was making the battery only last half a day. I had googled book shops and discovered The English Book Store, Nick had remembered seeing it when he did is big tour so we headed straight for it. After purchasing 3 books we went off to the supermarket to get picnic supplies and from there we went to the river embankment and chilled. By 7pm we decided to head back to the hostel who kindly said we could still use the bar and Wi-Fi. Still being good weather the hostel had put on another BBQ so dinner was sorted this time we stuck to the free tea and coffee although in hind-site we should have started drinking. To kill the last couple of hours we started to plan our route after Munich, booking another train and three nights accommodation in Slovenia. Time was up and we had to grab our bags and head for the night train...

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Dusseldorf, Germany

In need of some serious TLC

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Four hours later and we had arrived in Dusseldorf and after a 15 minute walk arrived at our hostel (Backpackers Dusseldorf http://www.backpackers-germany.de/TL/index.php/about_us.html). It had received really good reviews and certainly was not cheap but we were instantly disappointed when we got there. It was dirty, smelly and in need of a serious refurb - we were also unlucky enough to be sharing with the resident weirdo. While we were in Belgium and doing some planning we nearly extended our stay and were so relieved we didn't - but we thought suck it up it's only for two nights.

We made our stuff as secure as we could and set off to explore the sights of D-Town (as the locals call it). Know the fact that the Tourist Information widely promote their "Dusseldorf in One Hour" self guided walk should have given us some clues, but 3 hours later (most of which was spent drinking coffee in a cafe) we realised we had "done" D-Town in less time than it had taken to travel there


The next day we decided to catch the tram to Cologne - again we had heard really promising things so wanted to check it out, but again were disappointed as we found a large, dirty city. The twin-spired Cathedral which the city is so proud off (you name the souvenir it has a picture of it - mugs, t-shirts, fridge magnets etc) is so filthy you can barely make the carvings out on it!


We had heard rave reviews of both Dusseldorf and Cologne, but think we must have missed something as we didn't really like either of them much. I think both would be good if you were coming on a Boys Trip and were just planning on drinking etc as they had loads of nice looking cafes and bars, but in terms of sight-seeing and culture (the main focuses of our tour) there was not much to see!

By the end of the two days we were on a downer. Germany was not living up to our expectations and we were worried about what we would find in Frankfurt thinking it would be more of the same.

Early on Friday morning we were up and thankfully checking out of the hostel. I was annoyed at Nick though as when the owner asked if he had enjoyed his stay he gave the very British response of "everything was fine" (I have since left a scathing review!!).

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