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Communal Fridges suck!

So all of the hostels we have been in so far (with the exception of the s**t one in Duseeldorf) have had pretty decent kitchens where you label everything your name, room number etc and things have on the whole been good. We bought of a load of food on our first day in Munich, put it all in a bag, labelled it up etc.

On Monday morning we were up early as we were out on a day trip and knew we would be back late so wanted to get to the supermarket before we left to make sure we had something to eat that night. Again everything we bought got labelled up correctly and in the bag - we were both really looking forward to the steak we had bought ourselves (it was chap and on offer!)...

...however, we returned from a really great day to discover our entire bag of food and was gone, bread, milk, cheese, butter, salad and our juicy steaks! We virtually emptied the fridge searching through other peoples things, but could find no race of any of it.

Needless to say I was not impressed!! We both went downstairs to complain to the receptionist, but she just kept saying if the food was labelled their cleaner would not have thrown any of it out and that one of the other guests must have taken it. We found this a little hard to believe that someone would eat and dispose all of the wrappers with no trace so again blamed the cleaners, but had no way to prove it!

I got really upset and ended up having to leave Nick to deal with it and he managed to get us free breakfast by way of some kind of compensation, but all of our food was gone and we were about €20 down!

From now on we will be buying stuff on a day to day basis rather than for the whole time we are there and make sure that everything is really obviously labelled - we're considering buying some fluorescent labels!

Lesson Learnt!!

Posted by Nick-n-Charlie 17:00 Archived in Germany

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